FAQs for App Users (Eng) – GoSpree (Updated on 24 July 2020)

Register for an account, browse the eCatalogue for the eCoupons, view eCoupon details and click on ‘Download’ button to download the eCoupon. Downloaded eCoupons will be reflected in your account.

Open the eCoupon from your account and flash it to the cashier upon payment. The cashier will  enter the merchant pin to redeem your eCoupon. For eCoupon which is redeemable online, the eCoupon will have a promo code which will be revealed for you to use online.

No. eCoupon cannot be sent from one account to another.

One. Each eCoupon can only be downloaded and redeemed once per account.

GoSpree is Singapore Retailers Association’s merchants promotion and deals app hence it is not an app solely for GSS.

GoSpree.sg is a browser app accessible via browser on desktop and mobile device. It is more than just a rewards app. More features will be included for the app. Please keep a lookout on the updates for GoSpree to unlock the features for the app.