We think it’s high time our local fashion and beauty brands own the spotlight they deserve. Right here in our backyard, we’ve got kickass brands that we should be so proud of—striding down their own paths and inspiring others to follow in their tracks. Here’s why we should support them.

Encouraging entrepreneurship

Lift one local brand up, and you’ll give space for another to grow. A culture of love for all things local allows budding entrepreneurs to throw their hats into the ring.

Adding colour to Singapore’s fashion and beauty scene

No two local brands are alike—they come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own edge, and always carrying unique stories of their own—keeping our fashion and beauty scene fresh.

Reppin’ the little red dot

You’ve seen our olympians and artists on the global stage. Just like them, our local fashion and beauty brands represent Singapore, putting our little red dot on the world map.

#SupportLocal and #LocalSupports.

Earnings from local businesses are kept within the local economy, and do good to strengthen it in the long run. Local brands also create jobs and opportunities in the retail sector.

Keeping things sustainable.

From having a lower ecological footprint to using localised resources, local businesses are inherently a greener option to shop from.