Cabeau Classic Evolution Travel Pillow 60% off
Cabeau Classic Evolution Travel Pillow 60% off
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Orginal Price: $49

Now: $19.60

Product details of Cabeau Classic Evolution Travel Pillow


Some things are classic, like theEvolution Classic neck pillow design. Cabeau’s memory foam travel pillows introduced features like a thin flat back to avoid pushing your neck forward from the seat and raised edges to support your head and chin in every direction. And like the original Cabeau travel pillow, theEvolution Classicfeatures a soft velour cover that’s machine-washable and a toggle clasp for proper fit.

Anyone can fall asleep, but the Evolution Classic improves the ability to stay asleep. We put an end to stiff necks, bobble heads and waking up on someone else’s shoulder. We’re the solution for everyone who thinks neck pillows don’t work. On planes, trains, automobiles or however you roam — The Evolution Classic offers first-class comfort.

*Bag sold separately.


  • 360-degree support.
  • Responsive memory foam.
  • Support your head your way. Everyone has a different level of comfort and we encourage you to find the perfect spot for your head and neck support with the Evolution Classic.
  • Machine-washable cover.Unzip the travel pillow skin from the memory foam (soon to come in dark grey) toeasily wash the pillowcover with your laundry.
  • Storage pocket.Store earplugs, earbuds, media devices, candy and whatever else you need on the go with your travel pillow!


Pillow Dimensions Length = 9.5″ / Width = 10″ / Height = 5″ / Weight = 11.6 oz
Materials Cover=100% Polyester

Pillow=100% Polyurethane Memory Foam

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